Changing consumer priorities and developing market landscapes add pressure on regulators to continuously evolve legislation and standards. The food industry needs to provide transparent information to consumers and ensure products on the market are safe and compliant.

  • Reduce time to market

  • Protect your consumers and brand.

  • Improve decision making and reduce risks.



Frequent updates for international traders on regulations, standards, food safety and compliance from a single reliable source reduces exposure and may even create opportunities for those that have the information first.

Without a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for commodities, importing and exporting them is high risk. 

  • A single source for diverse data.

  • Reduce risk and enhance decision making.

  • Reduce the time and cost incurred searching for information.

  • Expert back up from SGS to understand regulatory changes and to translate information into action.


Deliver valuable knowledge to your members, quickly and easily. With SGS DIGICOMPLY industry associations, academic organizations and not-for-profit institutions alike can easily manage content and augment it within the overall database.

This specialized content management system makes it easy to manage the distribution of content to members.

  • Increase the efficiency of research and support activities.

  • Increase the efficiency of working groups with centralized knowledge, easy retrieval, and alerts for new content.

  • Reduce the complexity of internal systems by choosing this cloud service.

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