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Food Supplements Compliance Assessment

Introducing Nutriwise, the new module to perform a composition assessment of food supplements. 

When launching a new food supplement product, finding the right information is often made difficult by the volume of unhelpful, non-official data that is available. Even when you find relevant information, it might be in a language you don’t understand. Plus, how can you be sure the information you have is up to date?

SGS DIGICOMPLY Nutriwise module enables users to access information about specific ingredients to see the major compliance areas and be guided in entering a new market.

In essence, it allows to quickly assess the ingredient compliance in a given market. To date, it covers 5 markets, namely Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom. Upon request, we can perform compliance assessments for up to 80 countries in a form of ad-hoc project.

With SGS DIGICOMPLY Nutriwise you can accelerate the food supplements compliance assessment process, correlate food guides and extend the intelligence required to access that specific market.

Create a food supplements compliance assessment in 3 easy steps


1. Add product details and select the distribution market


2. Add product ingredients and validate the regulatory compliance


3. Save, export and register your product assessment report

Check the interactive sample

Check the Interactive sample assessment below, you can navigate by clicking on the orange hotspot and scroll the page


Key facts about Nutriwise

  • 5  standard Markets assessments: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and 80+ markets assessment on demand-
  • More than 80 Food Regulations guides
  • Per assessment pricing, purchase only what you need

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