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Food Safety Intelligence Hub

By combining thousands of data sources, AI technology enables the most complete yet targeted screening of food safety data and key insights.These insights are then contextualized with real-time laboratory data, enabling the identification and connection of previously unseen emerging risks.

Food Safety Intelligence

The Food Safety Intelligence is dedicated to monitoring global alerts and recalls for your selected commodity group, offering valuable insights into the primary hazards. It uses data from governmental bodies, emphasizing early detection and providing information on emerging combinations of hazards and products.

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Food Safety Incidents

The Food Safety Incidents feature in SGS Digicomply is designed to distill key trends and insights directly from source posts, providing users with a focused and comprehensive understanding of food safety issues. It distills valuable data for a clear and concise key message.

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Food Fraud Insights

By integrating diverse data types, including incident reports, scientific publications, and media news, this tool provides a comprehensive view of the food fraud landscape. It helps identify patterns, trends, and emerging risks, enabling informed decision-making and proactive measures against fraud.

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Regulatory Intelligence Hub

Explore a robust regulatory database with ease, encompassing vital standards and requirements across 150+ jurisdictions. Our sophisticated AI technology facilitates a simplified data research and retrieval experience, empowering your compliance initiatives.

Regulatory Change Management

Utilizing AI technology, SGS Digicomply continuously monitors and analyzes millions of data sources, providing valuable up-to-date insights on regulatory change triggers. This proactive approach enables the early detection and prevention of emerging risks, ensuring a comprehensive and informed regulatory strategy.

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Regulatory Agenda

The Regulatory Agenda feature in SGS Digicomply is a robust tool presenting a comprehensive list of regulatory deadlines. This encompasses both historical milestones and forthcoming dates, allowing users to delve into each deadline with detailed insights and analysis.


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Regulatory Research

With a user-friendly search engine catering to English language documents, users can effortlessly navigate through a wealth of regulatory content. Users can inquire on diverse topics, gaining valuable insights and summaries, making it a versatile tool for informed decision-making amidst complex regulations, whether exploring new rules or comparing statuses across countries.

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Global Ingredient Monitoring

Instantly tap into legal limits for maximum residue, usage, and banned substances on a global scale. Navigate by country and product seamlessly, and create alerts to stay updated on any regulatory alterations.

Restricted Substances - Contaminants MRLs database

SGS Digicomply streamlines substance searches, ensuring easy access to details and regulatory references within defined limits. Covering diverse regulatory frameworks, the database allows data export and external database connections, with efficient update monitoring through saved queries and timeline reviews.

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Restricted Substances - Food Additives Database

Conduct searches seamlessly, retrieve specific limits, and navigate relevant regulations for food additives with ease. Leveraging AI search capabilities, the database ensures a thorough exploration, highlighting nuances and cross-referencing information. Save your searches for enhanced accessibility and streamline your compliance efforts effortlessly.

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Ingredients Risks monitoring

It allows you to monitor ingredient hazards by filtering incidents across sources for specific periods. Focusing on categories like government alerts provides hazard overviews, AI interactions for summaries, and detailed data analysis, improving safety management.

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Horizon Scanning

Keep a close watch on supply chain dynamics across a vast expanse of data points to pinpoint ingredient and supplier risks. Identify biological, chemical, and physical hazards, emerging threats, evolving regulations, and technological advancements that could unveil new business avenues.

Policies and Regulations

Seamlessly navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making. Explore global policies with a focus on early detection of emerging trends and regulatory changes. In this demo, we specifically delve into performing Horizon scanning related to the ban of single-use plastic policies. 

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Food Safety Foresight

Uncover vital insights from scientific publications, identify emerging facts, and proactively address potential hazards, navigating the dynamic landscape with precision for a robust food safety strategy. In this demo, we explore the scenario of conducting a foresight horizon scan to detect signals of food safety hazards in cereals related to climate change.

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