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AI-powered solution

Stay Ahead of Global Food  Regulations with SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software

Streamline your processes with our regulatory compliance solution, providing essential insights and seamless access to food regulations. Predictive analytics enable proactive management of compliance risks before they impact your business.

  • Global Standards Compliance Across 150+ Jurisdictions

  • AI-Driven Regulatory Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

  • Automated Regulatory Compliance Checks

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AI at the Core of Modern Food Regulatory Compliance Solutions

In the complex landscape of global food regulations, the sheer volume and intricacy of data often surpass human capabilities to efficiently manage compliance. Here, Artificial Intelligence emerges as a transformative force. AI empowers organizations to efficiently parse, analyze, and leverage large datasets, providing the essential tools to filter, analyze, detect trends, and uncover regulatory patterns.

SGS Digicomply's Regulatory Compliance Software harnesses this power to deliver real-time regulatory insights and predictive analytics, ensuring organizations can effectively meet their compliance needs. With AI-driven processes, this platform not only simplifies the navigation of global food regulations but also enhances the management of food compliance and regulatory standards, ensuring businesses stay ahead in regulatory preparedness with unparalleled precision.

*On the image, you can see how a specialist can simply ask a question in plain language, and AI will analyze millions of data sources to provide a concise answer with references to precise documents within seconds.

AI Regulatory Compliance Software

Key Features for Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance Software

Unlock the full potential of regulatory management with our comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline compliance across all levels of your organization.

Regulatory Intelligence Hub

Explore a robust regulatory database with ease, encompassing vital standards and requirements across 150+ jurisdictions. Our sophisticated AI technology not only facilitates a simplified data research and retrieval experience but also employs predictive algorithms to empower your compliance initiatives.

Global Ingredient Monitor

Instantly tap into legal limits for maximum residue, usage, and banned substances on a global scale. Navigate by country and product seamlessly, and create alerts to stay updated on any regulatory alterations.

Auto Compliance Check & Labeling Data

Effortlessly assess ingredient compliance using our predefined workflow. Secure a seamless market entry by ensuring your formula meets all requisite standards. Collaboratively create, validate, and localize label contents with different stakeholders, ensuring compliance and a swift market entry.

Elevating Regulatory Compliance Standards

Leverage cutting-edge technology to transform regulatory practices, mitigate risks, and drive business efficiency through predictive compliance insights.


Comprehensive Data Insights

Harness insights from over 150,000 regulations across 150 countries, more than 2 million scientific documents, incident reports, and social media discussions to ensure comprehensive compliance monitoring and proactive risk management.


AI-Powered Regulatory Assistant

Utilize our AI Copilot to effortlessly interpret and manage regulatory documents. It provides quick summaries, relevant insights, and predictive answers to queries directly from extensive regulatory texts, optimizing your compliance workflow.


Real Time Alerts

Stay informed with SGS Digicomply's real-time alerts that immediately notify you of regulatory updates and changes, ensuring continuous compliance without missing critical information.


Automatic Translations

Easily manage compliance documentation and updates across various languages, broadening your operational reach and simplifying global regulatory management.


Team Collaboration

Enhance collaboration across your compliance teams with SGS Digicomply’s tools designed for efficient communication and seamless information sharing.


Worldwide Experts

Gain access to our network of global compliance experts, who provide specialized insights and support to help you navigate complex regulatory environments effectively.

regulation guides

Access Over 200 Food Regulatory Guides for Any Country!

SGS Digicomply offers expertly curated access to structured regulatory requirements by country or topic. This includes detailed information on legislation and sources.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software?

SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software is a sophisticated AI-powered platform designed to streamline compliance processes by providing real-time insights, predictive analytics, and comprehensive data analysis, enabling businesses to meet global regulatory standards efficiently.

What kind of data does the software monitor?

SGS Digicomply monitors a comprehensive array of data, including over 150,000 regulations from more than 150 countries, over 2 million scientific documents, incident reports, and ongoing discussions in the media and on social platforms like Twitter, all processed to provide the most relevant compliance insights.

What predictive capabilities does SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software offer?

SGS Digicomply leverages advanced AI technologies to provide predictive insights into global food regulations, helping your organization anticipate changes and adjust strategies accordingly. Our software analyzes historical data and current trends to forecast future regulatory changes and compliance risks. This proactive approach allows for timely adjustments to your compliance strategies, ensuring that you stay ahead of potential challenges and maintain continuous adherence to global standards.

How does SGS Digicomply ensure data security during team collaborations?

SGS Digicomply ensures top-level data security by employing advanced encryption standards and strict compliance with international data protection regulations, safeguarding all collaborative interactions and shared information.

How much does SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software cost?

Pricing for SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software is customized based on the specific requirements and scale of your organization to ensure you receive the most effective compliance solution. Contact our sales for a personalized quote that fits your regulatory needs.


Elevate Your Operations with SGS Digicomply Regulatory Compliance Software

Our experts are eager to assist you in customizing SGS Digicomply to meet your specific needs. Get in touch to kickstart your journey toward enhanced regulatory compliance efficiency.