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In the dynamic realms of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, staying informed is paramount. Our webinars and events offer invaluable insights to keep specialists updated in these evolving fields. 

Upcoming Webinar

AI-Powered Prediction of Mycotoxin Risks Within Food Supply Chains

Discover how AI is tackling mycotoxin risks—ranked among the top 3 hazards. As these fungal toxins challenge global food safety, traditional methods fall short. This webinar will cover the revolutionary role of AI in predicting and managing these risks, intensified by climate change. Learn about the latest in predictive modeling, data analytics, and machine learning applications.

We'll also share findings from our project on mycotoxins in European cereal crops, in collaboration with GMP+ International, University Wageningen, Cargill, Alltech, and more.

Date and time:  Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 4 pm (CET)

AI-Powered Prediction of Mycotoxin Risks Within Food Supply Chains
POST 1 - GFSI 2024

SGS Digicomply at GFSI Conference 2024

Generative AI and the Green Agenda: Enhancing Early Warning Systems for Food Safety and Environmental Integrity

In a time-critical session, we will explore how Generative AI is redefining Early Warning systems to serve the dual purposes of food safety vigilance and environmental foresight amidst the Green Transition. This presentation will demonstrate the integral role of AI in identifying potential hazards and opportunities that intersect with food safety and sustainability goals. Emphasizing the intricate balance between technological advancements and ecological considerations, we will articulate how Generative AI can support in green initiatives, such as pesticide reduction, sustainable packaging, and climate change resilience.

Key Takeaways: Participants will gain sharp, actionable insights into:

  • The integration of Generative AI within Early Warning systems to navigate both food safety and environmental challenges.
  • Strategies for aligning AI capabilities with the objectives of the Green Agenda, ensuring that technology contributes to sustainable food safety practices.
  • The necessity for a harmonized approach where AI complements human expertise in mitigating risks associated with the Green Transition.
  • Practical examples from industry leaders who are successfully utilizing AI to anticipate and address the complexities at the intersection of food safety and environmental sustainability.

Place and Date: Singapore, 8-11 APRIL 2024


SGS Digicomply at FoodSure Summit 2024

Learn from some of the best in the business as top speakers from some of the largest food companies in the country share best practices, regulations, and techniques. On top of a high-quality program, you’ll also be able to partake in the built-in networking opportunities that are designed to help you expand your network in the industry face-to-face.. SGS Digicomply is honored to be a featured speaker at the FoodSure Summit 2024, scheduled to take place in:

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Coffee Break Webinar Series

A 30 minutes webinar that focuses on the SGS DIGICOMPLY platform to focus on new features, best practices, case studies and experiences from other companies across the world.

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Managing Emerging Food Safety Risks in the Information Era

The webinar will address how organizations can better prioritize early warning-related risks. It will specifically focus on the approach, as well as tools, utilised by both Nestlé and SGS.

Navigate Complex Regulatory Compliance with an Effective Rules Inventory and Mapping Approach.

In this webinar we explore how to navigate complex regulatory compliance. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how an efficient rules inventory and mapping approach can streamline your compliance efforts.

Navigating the Effects of Covid-19 on Food Safety: A Comprehensive Guide.

In this webinar, you'll discover how Covid-19 affected food safety regulations and document protocols in the last few months, along with insights on using SGS DIGICOMPLY for Covid-related queries.

Reducing Time in the Label Review Process - An Introduction to LabelWise.

The label review process is a laborious activity involving multiple people throughout an organization. In this webinar we introduce you to AI technology being used to improve the labor intense process of label review


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