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Dynamic Intelligence, Effective Risk Management

Respond to emerging supply chain risks by leveraging the power of advanced predictive analytics with SGS DIGICOMPLY.

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Case Study:
Digital Opportunities for Tomorrow's Food Safety

A chat with Industry leaders: Nestlé's view on digital food safety prediction and prevention of future potential Food Safety risks.

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Food Safety Emerging Risk Discovery

Map and link unseen emerging food-related risks while monitoring the evolving status of identified issues.

Global Regulatory Database

Perform searches in an innovative manner by keyword that can be further filtered by market, product category, topic, source and enforcement date.

Regulatory Watch

Monitor regulatory developments in real time and across the entire lifecycle with tailored notifications based on keywords, markets or topics you care about.

Automated Compliance Formulation Assessment

Let our predefined ingredients workflow guide you through the compliance process so you can check if your formula is ready for a new market.

Food Label Data Management System

Determine how our automated labeling tools, based on machine learning, together with our local experts can support at any stage in the label design and review process - all managed through a single portal for easy access.

Sustainability Risks and Policies

Access our AI-based architecture for automated identification and monitoring of food sustainability risks and opportunities.


Predict risk and maintain compliance using state-of-the-art AI technology.

SGS DIGICOMPLY offers you a comprehensive intelligence gathering solution. Powered by AI, analytics and world-leading industry expertise, it provides targeted risk analysis and high-level insights to help you meet compliance requirements, enabling and expediating your product’s market access.

Constant horizon scanning of the compliance environment provides you with relevant insights, letting you respond to risks with effective, real-time responses.

Ensure a predicted compliance risk never becomes a problem.

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Regulations Catalogue

Gain access to over 130,000 regulations in 150 countries through our consolidated management system. Constantly evolving and expanding, it gives you access to the latest regulations and global news impacting your business, all translated into English.



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