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Future-proofing solution

Sustainability Intelligence for Sustainable Food Production

AI-based architecture for automated identification and monitoring of food sustainability risks and opportunities.

  • Global Sustainability Standards Across Food Industry

  • AI-Enhanced Ecosystem Monitoring for Continuous Insight

  • Streamlined Sustainability Compliance and Reporting

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Where Intelligence Meets Sustainability

There are many routes toward sustainability goals – but with SGS you can access a single source of intelligence providing actionable knowledge and insights to ease your journey.

With increasingly dynamic and constantly evolving environmental, social and governance (ESG) expectations, even firms with long-standing track records of successfully integrating ESG principles into their operations are finding it more difficult to close the gaps in their risk, materiality, reporting and strategy processes.

SGS DIGICOMPLY is the first AI-based engine in the world to bring together all food-related sustainability data. The platform provides an easy systematic and automated monitoring system for identifying sustainable food systems, sustainable food production, and sustainable supply chain risks and opportunities. From scientific and regulatory information to news documents, it helps you make quick compliance decisions based on new sustainability-related regulations for all your divisions and regions – saving you time on an ongoing basis.

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Harness Precision and Expertise in Food Sustainability

With SGS Digicomply, transform the way your organization meets global sustainability standards through streamlined, data-backed processes.

Global Regulatory Sync

Explore a robust regulatory database with ease, encompassing vital standards and requirements across 150+ jurisdictions. Our sophisticated AI technology not only facilitates a simplified data research and retrieval experience but also employs predictive algorithms to empower your compliance initiatives.

Dynamic Risk Assessment Tool

Utilize our sophisticated algorithms to conduct thorough risk assessments based on a multitude of data points, including scientific studies and global incident reports. Our platform identifies and analyzes biological, chemical, and physical hazards, providing you with a proactive approach to risk management.

Sustainable Performance Indicators

Track and improve your sustainability metrics using our automatically updated key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics are designed to align with the latest ESG standards and provide a clear picture of your operational impact on sustainability. Measure and showcase your sustainability achievements, making it easier to communicate your commitment to stakeholders and align with global standards.

Key Applications for Sustainable Food Practices

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Sustainable Production and Supply Chain Management

Enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact with sustainable production techniques and supply chain optimizations.

Sustainable Food Packaging

Minimize waste with sustainable packaging innovations that meet global environmental standards.

Farming Innovations

Implement advanced farming techniques to improve soil health and reduce pesticide use, ensuring sustainable crop production.

Efficient Waste Management

Optimize waste treatment and recycling to comply with stringent global sustainability regulations.

Non-Renewable Resources

Reduce reliance on non-renewable resources through strategic data analysis and sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable Agriculture

Adhere to sustainable agricultural practices by employing the latest regulations for pesticide use, enhancing environmental protection.

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SGS DIGICOMPLY: Your Gateway to Global Sustainability Compliance

SGS DIGICOMPLY gathers more than 150,000 regulations and over 2 million scientifically- sourced documents from over 150 countries on the same platform – providing real time reporting of emerging risks and monitoring of social networks like Twitter.

AI-enabled, our platform gives you quick and easy access to accurate sustainability data specific to your business, industry and value chain.

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Frequently asked questions

What is food sustainability and why is it important?

Food sustainability is a method of growing and processing food that seeks to minimize environmental impact, support local economies, and promote a stable food supply for future generations. Emphasizing sustainability is crucial because it reduces waste, conserves nonrenewable resources, and ensures that the environmental, social, and economic systems involved can continue to coexist viably.

How does SGS Digicomply enhance sustainable food production and sustainable food systems?

SGS Digicomply leverages AI to provide comprehensive insights into sustainable food production and systems by analyzing real-time data from over 150 countries. This facilitates better management of sustainable supply chains, improves sustainable farming practices, and supports the shift towards sustainable agriculture.

What role does Sustainability Intelligence play in sustainable food packaging?

Sustainability Intelligence aids businesses in adopting sustainable food packaging solutions by providing access to the latest data on eco-friendly materials and recycling practices. This intelligence supports the development of packaging that reduces environmental impact and meets global sustainability standards.

Why is sustainable agriculture critical to the future of food?

Sustainable agriculture practices are essential for reducing reliance on nonrenewable resources, minimizing ecological damage, and supporting long-term food security. SGS Digicomply provides regulatory insights and scientific research to help companies implement practices that protect soil health, conserve water, and reduce chemical use.

How much does SGS Digicomply Sustainability Intelligence Software cost?

Pricing for SGS Digicomply Sustainability Intelligence Software is customized based on the specific requirements and scale of your organization to ensure you receive the most effective compliance solution. Contact our sales for a personalized quote that fits your regulatory needs.


Empower Your Sustainable Practices with SGS Digicomply

Our specialists are ready to tailor SGS Digicomply to your organization's unique sustainability requirements. Contact us to begin your path to superior sustainability compliance and efficiency.