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Secure Your Sustainability with SGS Digicomply Food Safety Software

Empower your food safety management with cutting-edge compliance, traceability, and risk management solutions.

  • Streamline food safety compliance across global standards

  • Enhance traceability for complete supply chain transparency

  • Leverage intelligent analytics for proactive risk management

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Food Safety Software SGS Digicomply

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AI at the Forefront of Today's Food Safety Solutions

In the vast sea of data that the food industry navigates daily, the human capability to track, process, and analyze information is outstripped by the sheer volume and complexity of what needs to be managed. This is where AI becomes a game-changer, offering the tools to search, sift, filter, analyze, identify trends, and uncover patterns.

SGS Digicomply Food Safety Software leverages AI to sift through, analyze, and interpret vast datasets, ensuring real-time insights and predictive analytics for food safety management. This intelligent layer of technology empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of food safety documentation and compliance with unmatched efficiency.

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Key Features for Comprehensive Food Safety Management

Identify, monitor, and mitigate contaminants and hazards in the supply chain with comprehensive data analysis and monitoring tools.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Leverage continuous, AI-powered monitoring of global food safety data points, including regulatory changes, hazard notifications, and incident management, to ensure immediate response capabilities and maintain compliance.

Integrated Risk Assessment

Utilize advanced analytics to forecast and mitigate potential food safety risks. This proactive approach identifies hazards before they affect the supply chain, safeguarding against potential food safety breaches.

Compliance Automation

Simplify the compliance process with automated tools that continuously scan and apply the latest food safety regulations. This ensures that all products meet stringent standards, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

Elevating Food Safety Standards

Empowering Food Industry Leaders with Innovative Solutions for Operational Excellence and Uncompromising Safety

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Operational Efficiency

Automate critical food safety management processes, reduce manual errors, and save time with streamlined operations designed for today’s fast-paced food industry.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Make informed decisions with actionable insights derived from comprehensive data analysis. Our platform translates complex datasets into clear strategies for enhancing food safety.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with dynamic updates and ensure continuous compliance without the administrative burden, keeping your focus on business growth.

Enhanced Food Safety Culture

Enhanced Food Safety Culture

Instill a strong culture of safety within your organization using tools that reinforce consistent standards and engagement. This approach cultivates a safe environment, enhancing consumer confidence in your products.



Grow your operations with a scalable food safety solution that adjusts to your business needs. Whether entering new markets or expanding product lines, maintain the highest safety standards without compromise.


Expert Support

Access industry-leading expertise with our advisory services, integrating deep regulatory knowledge into your daily operations for enhanced compliance and strategic advantage.

Food Safety and AI

Future-proofing Strategies: Harnessing AI for Early Warning Detection in 2024

Explore how AI-driven Early Warning Detection (EWD) is revolutionizing food safety, enabling proactive risk identification and swift interventions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SGS Digicomply Food Safety Software?

SGS Digicomply Food Safety Software is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to enhance food safety management through real-time monitoring, predictive risk management, and comprehensive data analysis, helping businesses navigate the complexities of food safety standards globally.

What is the Purpose of a Food Safety Management System?

The primary purpose of an FSMS is to prevent foodborne illnesses and ensure that food is safe for consumption. This is achieved through:

- Identifying potential food safety hazards.

- Implementing controls to minimize or eliminate these hazards.

- Ensuring compliance with food safety laws and regulations.

- Building consumer trust and confidence in food products.

How to Choose the Best Food Safety Management Software?

Choosing the best Food Safety Management Software involves careful consideration of various factors, including features, vendor reputation, and implementation strategy. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can make an informed decision that enhances your food safety management and ensures compliance with industry standards.

How AI Enhances Traceability and Transparency in Food Safety?

AI enhances traceability and transparency in food safety by quickly and accurately analyzing large amounts of data to track food from farm to table. It identifies patterns and anomalies in production data that may indicate potential safety risks. Using predictive analytics, AI can foresee potential issues, allowing for preventive measures. Additionally, AI-powered sensors continuously monitor conditions like temperature and humidity, alerting operators to deviations and preventing contamination. This comprehensive approach ensures a higher level of food safety.

How does the software support real-time monitoring?

The software provides continuous surveillance across a broad range of data points, including global regulations, scientific research, and market trends, to detect and alert on potential food safety risks immediately as they emerge.

How Does SGS Digicomply Software Enhance HACCP Management?

SGS Digicomply significantly improves HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) management by leveraging advanced AI technology to streamline food safety processes. It ensures comprehensive hazard analysis by identifying and evaluating potential hazards at every production stage.

The tool provides real-time monitoring and alerts for continuous oversight of global food safety data points, allowing immediate response capabilities. SGS Digicomply also offers regulatory intelligence with access to over 150,000 regulations from more than 150 countries, automating compliance.

Additionally, it uses advanced analytics for integrated risk assessment, forecasting and mitigating potential food safety risks before they impact the supply chain. The tool maintains detailed compliance records, simplifying audits and inspections. By integrating SGS Digicomply into HACCP processes, businesses can enhance their food safety management, ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance.

Can the platform help with food safety compliance?

Yes, SGS Digicomply assists organizations in maintaining food safety compliance by automating the monitoring and application of the latest food safety regulations from over 150 countries. This helps ensure that businesses can quickly adapt to regulatory changes and maintain compliance.

What are the key features of the software for risk management?

The software features sophisticated risk assessment tools that leverage AI to forecast potential food safety issues and provide actionable insights. This proactive approach allows for timely interventions and helps prevent food safety incidents.

How does the platform facilitate food safety audits and reporting?

The platform streamlines the food safety audit process by providing tools for comprehensive data collection and analysis, which supports the execution of audits and generation of detailed compliance reports. These features aid businesses in demonstrating their adherence to food safety regulations and making informed management decisions.

Read our guide: What is a Food Safety Audit: How to Prepare, Software, Checklist.

How much does SGS Digicomply Food Safety Software cost?

The pricing for SGS Digicomply Food Safety Software is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your company. To ensure that you receive a solution that fits your unique operational needs, features and pricing are customized for each company's situation. For detailed pricing information that is specifically tailored to your company, you can request a quote by filling out the form on this page. This process will enable us to provide a proposal that best suits your needs and ensures you receive the most appropriate solution.


Elevate Your Operations with SGS Digicomply Food Safety Management Software

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