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Restricted Substances

A comprehensive database of pesticides, veterinary drugs, heavy metals, food additive use limits, vitamins, botanical ingredients and non-food product ingredient limits

Maximum residue limits (MRLs), use limits, and banned substance lists are constantly being updated by authorities around the world. There is no harmonization for these regulations and so, to successfully predict risks and ensure compliance, you would need to find a way to navigate an impossible number of diverse sources to find the right information.

Restricted Substances new


The Restricted Substances Database provides an easy-to-interpret table that allows you to discover the limits you need by country and/or product category. You can then quickly drill down to the specific part of any regulation related to the highlighted limit. All information is also translated into English.

Access to the Restricted Substances Database turns SGS DIGICOMPLY into a true, single platform for gaining the complete regulatory and product safety picture for your products.  

This solution is ideal for the following industries:

  • food manufacturer
    Food Manufacturer
  • food service
    Food Service & Distribution
  • retailer
    Retailer (including online)
  • agricultural and feed production
    Agricultural & Feed Producer
  • pet food
    Pet Food Manufacturer
  • food supplement
    Food Supplements
  • personal care
    Cosmetics & Hygiene
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