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Early Warning Risk Monitoring

Supply Chain Early Warning Surveillance System

Understanding and monitoring the external risks connected to food safety is a business-critical issue. Most companies are unprepared. Whether the problem is contaminants, foodborne issues, regulatory changes, or NGO campaigns, they simply have insufficient processes in place.

SGS DIGICOMPLY uses hazards analysis to give you preventive control, letting you tackle all these food safety risk management challenges in one go. The system constantly analyzes millions of data sources, including media, NGOs, authorities, regulations, inspections and customs controls. By applying advanced data analytics and predictive capabilities, it then allows you to recognize new risks and monitor those that have been identified so that you can rapidly take actions to adjust test plans, HACCP risks and supplier verifications programs.  



You can visualize data about Hazards, Commodities, Suppliers, Type of alerts, and more on a customizable dashboard - or integrate it via API into your QMS system for quick and better compliance decisions.


Identify hazard and Food Fraud vulnerabilities 


Improve decision and reaction time to emerging risks


Comply with FSMA, GFSI, BRC, FSSC 22000

Key facts

  • 150.000 food safety alerts representing more than 10 years of history
  • Covering more than 100 authorities over a total of 4000 sources
  • The most comprehensive  food hazard terminology dictionary
  • Collect data from 90+ languages representing more than 200 countries
  • Review how issues develop and make a proactive, strategic decision to stop challenges from becoming crisis

This solution is ideal for the following industries:

  • food manufacturer
    Food Manufacturer
  • food service
    Food Service & Distribution
  • retailer
    Retailer (including online)
  • agricultural and feed production
    Agricultural & Feed Producer
  • pet food
    Pet Food Manufacturer
  • food supplement
    Food Supplements
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