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Get the best value at every stage of your journey with SGS Digicomply through our flexible pricing tailored to your company's unique requirements. Get in touch now to discuss your needs with our experts, customize a solution, and request pricing.

  • Improve flexibility and control
  • Pay only for what you use and nothing more
  • Easily scale your organization anytime

Built for the enterprise

How it works

1. Initial Company Assessment with Our Experts
After initiating contact with us, our experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your company, considering its goals, needs, and requirements. This thorough assessment aims to gain profound insights into how SGS Digicomply can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

2. Transparent Pricing Details
Receive detailed information about our transparent pricing structure and collaborate with our specialists for meticulous customization of SGS Digicomply in line with your organization's workflows, compliance standards, and operational requirements.

3. Implementation and Onboarding
Once SGS Digicomply is adapted to your requirements, we will grant access and conduct onboarding for your team of specialists to ensure the most effective use of the platform. This guarantees a measurable increase in your organization's efficiency through the optimized utilization of SGS Digicomply.

4. Continuous Support and Scaling Opportunities
Receive ongoing support from our team to ensure seamless integration and utilization of SGS Digicomply. Enjoy the freedom to scale your usage as your organization grows or as your needs evolve, allowing you to maintain operational excellence.

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Get full access to any feature

Experience Unhindered Access to Tailored Features for Your Company's Needs.

SGS Digicomply Features

Access to top stories, popular trends, Q&A feeds, and personalized feeds

SGS Digicomply Features

Conducting thorough searches within the regulatory library

SGS Digicomply Features

Collaborative tool with organization feeds, newsletter, favorites, and comments

SGS Digicomply Features

Horizon Scanning with the Food Safety Intelligence

SGS Digicomply Features

English translations of all sources and countries

SGS Digicomply Features

Manage private channels and add your own content

SGS Digicomply Features

Entry to restricted substances

SGS Digicomply Features

Advanced analytics and trends for simplifying compliance

SGS Digicomply Features

Extended scientific library for detailed research

SGS Digicomply Features

Customizable dashboard for a personalized experience

SGS Digicomply Features

Emerging risks discovery engine for predictive risk monitoring

SGS Digicomply Features

Consumer perception and social media monitoring

SGS Digicomply Features

Access to expert-published, structured regulatory requirements by country or topic, including information on legislation and sources

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Frequently asked questions

Where did the pricing go?

SGS Digicomply has transitioned to a new pricing model. We now offer a single Enterprise plan, and pricing for each company depends on the specific requirements and necessary features. Fill out the form at the top of this page to discuss with our tailored experts your company's needs and to receive pricing information.

Is there a free SGS Digicomply plan available?

We no longer offer free plans. Access to SGS Digicomply is provided through an assessment of company requirements, followed by the individual customization of necessary solutions. Fill out the form at the top of this page to discuss with our tailored experts your company's needs and to receive pricing information.

Where did the Basic, Pro, Advanced, and Ultimate plans go? What happens to all old licenses upon expiration?

The Basic, Pro, Advanced, and Ultimate plans are no longer available, and now companies can only access the Enterprise plan (features and pricing depend on the requirements and needs of your company). Old licenses will remain active until expiration, but they won't be renewed. Please contact our sales department to ensure the right to retain your license.

Who can access SGS Digicomply?

Access to SGS Digicomply is granted after a comprehensive assessment of a company's goals, needs, and requirements. To determine eligibility for the Enterprise model, please contact our sales team by filling out the form at the top of this page.

What if I'm already an individual paid plan user and want to upgrade to the Enterprise?

If you already have a paid plan and are interested in transitioning to the Enterprise plan, please contact our sales department. Eligibility for the Enterprise plan is determined through an assessment of your company's specific goals, needs, and requirements. To initiate this process and discuss your upgrade options, kindly fill out the form at the top of this page.


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