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Dietary Supplements Database

Discover the latest Dietary Supplements list from SGS DIGICOMPLY

Vegetable Protein

What is Vegetable Protein ?

Vegetable protein is a dietary supplement made from plant-based sources...

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Sodium chloride

What is Sodium chloride ?

Sodium chloride is a dietary supplement commonly known as table salt. It...

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Sodium bisulfate

What is Sodium bisulfate ?

Sodium bisulfate is a dietary supplement used to help reduce the amount...

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What is Protactinium ?

This is not a dietary supplement. Protactinium is a radioactive chemical...

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Sodium Aluminosilicate

What is Sodium Aluminosilicate ?

Sodium aluminosilicate is a dietary supplement that is used to...

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What is Limestone ?

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate....

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Ferric oxide

What is Ferric oxide ?

Ferric oxide is an iron-based mineral supplement used to treat iron...

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Ferric orthophosphate

What is Ferric orthophosphate ?

Ferric orthophosphate is a dietary supplement that provides iron in...

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Antimony potassium tartrate

What is Antimony potassium tartrate ?

Antimony potassium tartrate is a dietary supplement used to...

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Ferric citrate

What is Ferric citrate ?

Ferric citrate is a dietary supplement used to treat iron deficiency...

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What is Antimony ?

Antimony is not a dietary supplement. It is a chemical element with the symbol...

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