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Horizon Scanning

The most advanced and comprehensive data-driven platform to identify and monitor product risks and opportunities. 

Identifying the drivers of change that may impact your business requires the processing of large amounts of information sources such as media, authorities, academic institutions, industry organisations and many more. Once identified, these sources produce millions of data records that need to be monitored, organised in clusters by topics or domains, linked to each other and then interpreted.

One way to stay on top of all of this is by having a system actively performing this work for you and notifying you when new information is detected.


How this works in practice:

  • Create a dedicated search query based on your areas of interest. These can focus on specific regulatory topics such as  Front of Pack (FOP) labelling or specific types of Novel food such as Acacia

  • Once the search is defined, have the system guide you on the setup of key parameters for your new data ‘feed’. These could be new, in effect regulations, policy news signals or scientific publications

  • Determine your notification preference. You can receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications. You can also be notified when a certain threshold of events occur

Once these easy steps are performed you will be able to identify which changes are likely to be important and make sense of how these changes may affect your business.

Horizon Scanning


With SGS DIGICOMPLY you can accelerate this process, capture more signals and extend the intelligence that your business requires to stay ahead of the competition.

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Common horizon scanning solutions


  • Limited sources - only a few institutional sources relevant to hazards in food,  such as RASFF and FDA Import Alerts
  • focused mainly on food safety incidents
  • notifications that there was an event but largely high level
  • Only generic hazards
  • Limited control on notifications

SGS DIGICOMPLY NextGen Horizon Scanning


  • Broad set of sources coming from national and local news, industry news, social media, scientific publications and government agencies
  • moving beyond food safety to all changes that impact a business - regulations, scientific, sustainability and food safety
  • Fully customisable dashboard, data exporting and integration with your own data such as suppliers and Lab Data
  • More controls of notification preferences - by time but also by a threshold of number of events

Identify the current or future legislation and public perceptions most relevant to your business


Setup in 15 minutes


Review and present the verifiable data stakeholders need, whether they are employees, auditors, suppliers or regulators

Key facts

  • 4.000 expert validated data sources
  • More than 5 million documents representing 20+ years of knowledge
  • The most comprehensive  food product terminology dictionary
  • Whatever your company size, SGS DIGICOMPLY empower better and faster decisions
  • Helps you identify priorities

  • Review how issues develop and make a proactive, strategic decision to stop challenges from becoming crisis

This solution is ideal for the following industries:

  • food manufacturer
    Food Manufacturer
  • food service
    Food Service & Distribution
  • retailer
    Retailer (including online)
  • agricultural and feed production
    Agricultural & Feed Producer
  • pet food
    Pet Food Manufacturer
  • food supplement
    Food Supplements
  • personal care
    Cosmetics & Hygiene
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