Creating accurate and compliant labels is a complex and error-prone process involving
multiple stakeholders


Allergen Check

Labelwise supports the label design process. It can help validate allergens content based on an intelligent algorithm that understands the content of the label starting from a images or text and spot issues in relation to the specific markets and regulatory requirements.

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E-retailers compliance check

Ensuring consistency has never been easier. One puts huge effort into providing consistent information on labels, but starts feeling anxiety about losing control as it goes live? Labelwise can scan the web to find your products and spot any issues with the information published by retailers.


  • Reduces human error

  • Frees experts and reviewers to focus on high value activities rather than repetitive tasks.

  • Increase speed to market

  • Reduce risk of food recalls and money lost.

The Regulatory Intelligence Network


Compliance Registry

Instant access to information to ensure the compliance status of your products.

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Compliance Watch

Monitoring 24/7 hundreds of relevant sources from all over the world.

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