More than Just text

Dossiers gives you the power to create anything and everything, from product requirements or research summaries to fit-for-use documents. Include multimedia, dynamic content, reference to the regulations and make your work come to life. 


Work in one place

Capture, store, and grow your Compliance knowledge so you can stay up to date and on the same page with your team - literally.

"Digicomply helped us in putting together a Regulatory summary that covered even more countries than we’ve asked for" 

  • Ramona Propson,
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager

Analyse and Annotate

Ask questions to address compliance issues as though you have your personal expert on hand, and get answers in seconds.



Search and find applicable regulations in the countries, or authorities, relevant to your products. All available in English.

Private Data Zone

Customizable with your own private library of data, documents, and internal policies.

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Be informed about regulatory updates or changes that may impact your product, facility, commodity or equipment.

Simple Searching

Search for content and concepts using natural language and questions, such as "What are the limits for Abamectin when exporting pineapples to Germany?" 

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  • Identify regulatory requirements and track them.

  • Manage product requirement specifications.

  • Ensure food safety and traceability.

  • Be alerted if a new regulation impacts your product or substance.

  • Analyze and annotate documents, share with colleagues, assign tasks.

The Regulatory Intelligence Network


Compliance Watch

Monitoring 24/7 hundreds of relevant sources from all over the world.

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Compliance Labelwise

Validate labels, identify issues, access new markets and ensure consistency.

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