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sodium arsenate dibasic heptahydrate

What is sodium arsenate dibasic heptahydrate?

Sodium arsenate dibasic heptahydrate is a chemical...

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potassium arsenite

What is potassium arsenite?

Potassium arsenite is an inorganic compound composed of potassium and...

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nickel sulphate

What is nickel sulphate?

Nickel sulfate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula NiSO4....

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nickel carbide

What is nickel carbide?

Nickel carbide is a chemical compound composed of nickel and carbon atoms...

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lead tetraacetate

What is lead tetraacetate?

Tetraamminecopper(II) tetraacetate, also known as copper(II)...

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cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate

What is cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate?

Cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate is a white crystalline solid...

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phenylarsine oxide

What is phenylarsine oxide?

Phenylarsine oxide is an organoarsenic compound with the formula...

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What is roxarsone?

Arsarsone, also known as dimethylarsinic acid, is an organoarsenic compound used...

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What is o-nitrobenzaldehyde?

4-Amino-nitrobenzaldehyde is an organic compound with the chemical...

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nickel black

What is nickel black?

Nickel black is a type of black paint that is made with a combination of...

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diarsenic pentaoxide

What is diarsenic pentaoxide?

Arsenic pentaoxide is an inorganic compound composed of five atoms of...

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