Ensuring compliance with international regulations

Our team of experts can analyze compliance requirements for products or ingredients of a specific market and deliver an online dynamic dossier to you. The dossier will then trigger alerts when requirements change so you, your suppliers and partners can all respond accordingly thus simplifying the compliance process.

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Data Scientists

Our team of data scientist with deep domain expertise, can work with you on specific projects to harness the power of data in helping you to ensure product confidence for your consumers

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The Digicomply news are highly important for the food industry, correct and extensive!

Sunčica Uhitil,
Laboratory Manager

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System Integration

Our team of solution designers focuses on empathy by design, the lens through which we place the customer in the center and design all the interactions surrounding around it.



  • lens

    Identify regulatory requirements and track them.

  • wheel

    Manage product requirement specifications.

  • shield

    Ensure food safety and traceability.

  • alarm

    Be alerted if a new regulation impacts your product or substance.

  • Analyze and annotate documents, share with colleagues, assign tasks.

The Regulatory Intelligence Network


Compliance Watch

Monitoring 24/7 hundreds of relevant sources from all over the world.

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Compliance Labelwise

Validate labels, identify issues, access new markets and ensure consistency.

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