Food Fraud Watch is SGS Digicomply’s database dedicated to global food fraud surveillance. This platform is constantly updating and aggregating facts from the most relevant sources, such as trade associations, governments, media and scientific institutions.

Food Fraud Watch can support your supply chain vulnerability assessment by:

icon_image Retrieving global food incidents and inferences reports and analytics

icon_image Filtering incidents by country and/or ingredients

icon_image Filtering inferences by country and/or ingredients

icon_image Providing an easy interface to navigate and look for information

Knowing your materials, ingredients and their associated risks is an essential part of the vulnerability assessment. Stay informed to protect your consumers and your brand.





  • instant access 

    Reduce time for vulnerabilities monitoring

  • newsfeeds

    Easily track follow up actions

  • trim

    Share and distribute knowledge inside and outside your organisation

  • share content

    Allows integration with your own supply chain

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