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Alerts, recalls, incidents and top stories from around the world selected by the SGS DIGICOMPLY Editorial Team

Microplastics found in human bloodstream
Microplastics found in human bloodstream
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Plastic Bottles
UK Further defined rules on Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
Markets United Kingdom
Organization SGS Digicomply editorial team
Topics Sustainability,...
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Plastic food containers
Phthalates: draft opinion and exposure protocol open for public consultation
Markets European Union
Organization European Food Safety Authority
Topic Plasticizers...
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Regulation on Fluensulfone - Pesticide Tolerances
Markets United States of America
Organization U.S. Federal Register
Topic Contaminants,...
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woman store collecting vegetables
Fight against plastic pollution: publication of the decree banning plastic packaging around fresh fruit and vegetables
Markets France
Organization SGS Digicomply
Topic Contaminants, residues and contact...
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