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Alerts, recalls, incidents and top stories from around the world selected by the SGS DIGICOMPLY Editorial Team

Microplastics found in human bloodstream
Microplastics found in human bloodstream
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Microplastics found in human bloodstream
Markets International
Organization Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Topic Sustainability
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Food Labelling
The impact of the new environmental labelling on the food&beverage sector
European Union
Organization CMS Law Now
Topic Labelling,...
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Supply Chain Food Date Label
New Bill Aims to Clarify Confusing Food Date Labels
Markets United States of America
Organization The Daily INTAKE
Topic Sustainability,...
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Agriculture Field
Sustainability trends in the food and drink industries in 2021
Markets Germany
Organization Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE)
Topic ...
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Green Road wind energy
Virtual conference: The European Green Deal - How does it impact EU food and drink SMEs?
Markets European Union
Organization EurActive
Topic Sustainability, Trade, market and...
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Forest and sun view
New EU proposed Law to oblige Food commodities entering the EU are not linked to deforestation
Markets European Union
Organization European Parliament
Topic Sustainability


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Plastic Bottles
UK Further defined rules on Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
Markets United Kingdom
Organization SGS Digicomply editorial team
Topics Sustainability,...
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