Snippet Search for Pesticides MRLs

Posted by SGS Digicomply Editorial Team on 10/24/17 11:07 AM

Firstly, what does Snippet search mean? We used the term Snippet for the work we do for you. What we do is that we extract from a document a “snippet” of a text, that is relevant for your search. In the case of Pesticides residues, the snippet includes the substance, and its related limit, prescribed in a given product for a certain market.

How to Start

Access MRL.png

From the home page, you can generate a snippet view by entering the search bar, and search terms related to Pesticides. For instance you can type “MRL” and then MRL snippet view link  to get to the  search page.  

Once in the snippet search, you can refine your criteria, such as adding or removing markets, substances and commodities, your comparison table will be adapted instantenously.


Watch out, it is a BETA tough..

MRL beta.png

Please, be aware that you are accessing a beta version with  coverage limited to China, Australia, Thailand, Philippines and India.  However, we are pleased that you are able to see the feature. The future of Maximum Residue Limits information stream. 

In a case of an issue, or any suggestion, please find the report button. It will let us know about the issue and help us improve the product for your next use. Report button can be found within the limits detail page also.

 Report Issue.png

Now, as you read instructions, you are ready to rock!


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