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Infographic: confectionary, obesity and covid: 2019 vs 2020

Posted by SGS Digicomply Editorial Team on 2/23/21 8:39 AM


This infographic relates to this recent blog article and is about connecting the dots between the confectionary industry, covid-19, obesity and labeling regulations.

In terms of regulatory changes that occurred in the confectionery industry, Covid-19 has clearly accelerated much of the action governments were already taking to encourage healthier eating habits.  New labeling rules on pre-packaged products are emerging.  Even more interesting, our data shows more general news appearing, particularly towards the end of 2020.  This likely means even more changes are on the way in 2021.  

In this infographic we try to represent visually what happened by comparing 2019 to 2020 in terms of posts (articles) frequency for confectionery related topics.

You can download the infographics at full resolution here.

SGS DIGICOMPLY - Confectionary Covid Obesity - infographics - February 2021-1


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