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Spend less time in Digicomply: Find regulations 3X faster with the new Regulations Catalogue

Posted by SGS Digicomply Editorial Team on 10/12/20 11:00 AM

We are proud to announce that a few days ago we launched a new feature called Regulations Catalogue: the fastest, easiest and most accurate access to the regulations you need to operate in international markets. 

SGS Digicomply covers more than 150 markets and economic trade unions and monitors over 100,000 web pages to identify documents, articles, commentaries, images and labels – including over 200,0000 regulations – that together create the big data of compliance services. The new Regulations Catalog redefines the user experience and regulatory insights when users are searching for regulation only documents.

With the most recent release, we have  redefined the user experience, thanks to years of research in the area of AI, user experience and regulatory insights. 

The whole new Regulations Catalogue brings speed and accuracy in searching for “regulations only” documents. 

Having analyzed thousands of user interactions within the software, we recognized that a majority looked primarily for official regulations, as this is the cornerstone of their daily work. The Catalog relies on state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to provide a faster way for users to find relevant documents in a specific market or topic.


regulations-catalogue1 (1)


The ‘Regulations Catalog’ combines artificial intelligence with human expertise, to offer quick search capability within four regulatory groups:

  • - Markets
  • - Topics
  • - Product Categories
  • - Sources

As an example, you can search for US only regulations in the topics of “Trade, Market & Regulations”, within the product category “Dairy Products” and only from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as a source. Keywords or natural language searches, such as “How are beverage brands coping in the face of covid?” can also apply the above filters to find all the relevant regulations in seconds.


Users of the ‘Regulations Catalog’ also benefit from new UI that eases the search process via an interactive graph that displays the quantity of regulations currently stored in the database. This allows for a quick understanding of the scope in terms of countries, topics and categories and enables searches to refine the data.

graph-search (1)

The graph shows, with horizontal bars, the quantity of regulations currently stored in the database, and allows for a quick understanding of how they are spread in terms of countries, topics, categories.

By clicking on the graph lines, you can select that specific category and display only the relevant documents.



When performing a search from Regulations Catalogue, a dedicated box is always visibile to display a quick access to Digicomply's regulations guides. 

Our regulatory guides are detailed working documents validated by SGS experts that include the most up-to-date legislations for a specific topic or market.


Before releasing the new regulations catalogue, we tested it with key users to actually see if it made their work faster. And we are proud to say that a research for a specific regulations requires one third of the time compared to traditional research. All the features and filters combined allow users to navigate within thousands of documents in what we think is, today, the best way possible.



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