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SGS Digicomply Launches Smart Knowledge Explorer: A Step into the Future Leveraging AI

Posted by SGS Digicomply Editorial Team on 12/3/19 10:37 AM

SGS Digicomplyhailed as the world’s most powerful compliance intelligence platform for the food and beverage industry, has launched Smart Knowledge Explorer bringing faster regulatory intelligence access and broadening the network’s country coverage to more than 100 markets and economic trade unions.  

Food industry leaders already benefit from the platform’s monitoring of 100,000+ web pages to identify those documents, articles, commentaries, images and labels that together create the big data of compliance services. This new release brings new functionality, new market coverage and new features. 

Smart Knowledge Explorer Roll Out 

Smart Knowledge Explorer is a set of AI based new features that significantly improve Digicomply’s search functions. In addition to existing accessibility, searchability and data management capabilities, the Smart Knowledge Explorer delivers: 

Enhanced search ability – beyond traditional keyword searches users can now search by concept to identify relevant content within documents and then navigate through them 
New interface – a re-designed interface improves the user experience  
New widgets, charts and analytics – users can streamline access to the content most relevant to them, such as Regulatory Guides, Food Frauds and a Database map for statistics 
Increased personalization – new tools to create widgets that tailor data to the user’s business needs 

Digicomply Reaches 100 Market Milestone 

In another major boost for food manufacturers, Digicomply is proud to announce that it now covers more than 100 markets and economic trade unions for the food and beverage industry, considerably expanding knowledge aggregation inside the platform.  

Digicomply’s horizon scanner monitors more than 700 sources, providing users with access to more than half a million documents in both their local languages and translated into English. This confirms Digicomply as a unique management hub where teams can aggregate content in feeds and share knowledge to streamline a safe route-to-market.   

Adding Additive Data 

For our PRO Users, professionals who want to integrate and simplify their compliance processes, a new database of Food Additives Limits, listed by country or international organizations, such as Codex Alimentarius is now available. This data can easily be used to support daily decision-making for global commerce and business needs. 

“With Smart Knowledge Explorer we are stepping into the future of REGTECH, empowering more and more Artificial Intelligence to offer our users the most complete experience of usage personalization,” says Nicola Colombo, Global Head of SGS Digicomply. “We are projected to develop more solutions and in 2020 we will surely mark new milestones. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and we will embrace it to offer our users more personalization of regulatory compliance management.” 

You can also test our QA engine from this page.


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