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Seven Agricultural Sectors in Search of Revival
Seven Agricultural Sectors in Search of Revival

Agriculture, the lifeblood of our global economy, is under siege. Climate change, pest invasions,...

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Hepatitis A in Fruits
Food Safety Intelligence: Prediction of Hepatitis A in Fruits

Hepatitis A in fruit is not a new problem. The first outbreak was already detected in 2013, when...

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big 6 foodborne pathogens
The Big 6 Foodborne Pathogens Are Key Culprits in Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

In the world of food safety, the term "The Big 6" often reverberates. But who exactly are these...

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Bacterial Contamination
Swift Contamination: How Quickly Can Bacterial Contamination Occur?

The world of food safety is punctuated by the swift and often imperceptible onset of bacterial...

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biological hazards
Which food safety practice will help prevent biological hazards

In the realm of food safety, one question repeatedly surfaces - which food safety practice will...

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cross contamination
Unveiling Cross Contamination: Definition, Impact, and Prevention

Cross contamination is a critical concept in food safety, with far-reaching implications for public...

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food poisoning pregnant
Addressing Food Poisoning Risks During Pregnancy: Insights for Food Safety Professionals

Food safety is of paramount importance, especially when it concerns vulnerable populations like...

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how can food handlers reduce bacteria to safe levels
Ensuring Food Safety: How Food Handlers Can Effectively Reduce Bacteria to Safe Levels

Maintaining food safety is paramount in the food industry, and reducing harmful bacteria to safe...

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