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How to Choose the Best Regulatory Compliance Software for the Food Industry
How to Choose the Best Regulatory Compliance Software for the Food Industry

Since the adoption of the first regulatory measures in the late 19th century, the food industry has...

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Baby Food Regulations
The New Contaminations Regulation (EU) 2023/915 regarding food and food preparations is coming into force

On May 5th, the new contaminant regulation (EU) 2023/915 was published. This will come into force...

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Food Safety Intelligence: Aflatoxin M1 Early Warning

Aflatoxin M1, a mycotoxin known as a mold toxin, is produced in the livers of farm animals as a...

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Navigating Nutraceutical Compliance
Navigating Nutraceutical Compliance: Key Insights and AI Adoption

In the ever-evolving landscape of the nutraceutical industry, regulatory compliance stands as a...

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Food Safety Intelligence: 3-MCPD Early Warning

3-Monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD) is an unpreferred substance that may arise from natural...

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Chlorpyrifos regulations
Food Safety Intelligence: Chlorpyrifos in Food

The European Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States took...

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Hepatitis A in Fruits
Food Safety Intelligence: Prediction of Hepatitis A in Fruits

Hepatitis A in fruit is not a new problem. The first outbreak was already detected in 2013, when...

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Nicotine in food
European Union Regulation: New Limits for Nicotine in Food

In February 2023, the European Union published Regulation (EU) 2023/377 amending Regulation (EC)...

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Regulatory Compliance for Nutraceuticals
Leveraging AI for Nutraceutical Regulatory Compliance

Join our upcoming webinar on July 20th at 4 pm CET. Exploring AI-Enabled Regulatory Compliance for...

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food labeling
Food Labeling Modernization Act 2023

The Bill aims to enhance front-of-package food labeling requirements, mandate updates to the...

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pesticides food safety
Pests are a food safety hazard because they

The coexistence of pests and food processing is an unwelcome scenario. A familiar query in the food...

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fsma compliance
Navigating FSMA Compliance: An In-depth Guide to Safer Food Standards

At the heart of the food safety revolution lies the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). As a...

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compliance software
Transforming Business Standards: The Evolution of Compliance Software

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, one term is becoming increasingly prominent - compliance...

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